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Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy


Devopsly is the only partner you'll ever need for your software operational excellence. Plan, manage and track your software operations with a unified strategy from us.


Throughout our release process – Devopsly's services stayed on the tip of everyone’s tongue because of their service. That contributed to a level of organizational visibility to our kubernetes separation project.

We have more than just a client/vendor relationship with Devopsly; it’s a true partnership. They are invested in our success, and knowing we have a partner that provides this level of support is invaluable.

Devopsly gives us the ability to easily scale  our software operations, address weak spots and share operationsla best practices across the organization. 

Engineering Excellence


Hands-on, tailored training for Devops and operational excellence

Software defined pipelines for Infrastructure and application to boot-strap our client's Devops journey

What is Devopsly


A devops consultancy service by Vidya Subramanian and team. We get organizations started on the path of software operational excellence!

Expert subject matter advisory to drive results with a focus on team success

Devops Pipelines


This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your Devops needs. We provide customized solutions to clients, and are results-oriented. Our pipelines include infrastructure as code all the way to cloud monitoring and alerting.

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